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At Innovative Title Solutions, we're not just experts in title work; we're Georgia's local specialists. With years of experience in the industry, our team is committed to providing high-quality, accurate, and detailed title abstracting services tailored to the unique requirements of Georgia's diverse real estate landscape. From the rolling hills of North Georgia to the historic communities of South Georgia, our services cover every county with the dedication and precision you deserve.


The title abstract is an essential element in any real estate transaction. It provides a detailed report on the history of a property or a parcel of real estate, including legal interests and ownership. It is a combination of recorded instruments from the county recorder’s office and tax records from the tax commissioner’s and tax assessor’s offices used to identify legal interests and ownership for that property summarized in a clear and concise write up.


Having a complete history or abstract of the parcel or property is the first step required to obtain title insurance when purchasing a property in Georgia. Unknown claims to ownership, tax issues, liens, or restrictive covenants can cause significant issues in the future for the new property owner. If taxes or HOA dues were unpaid, there could be liens issued against the property. If repairs were completed on the property and never paid for there may be mechanic's liens in place. Restrictive covenants could hinder the buyer from using the property in the manner in which it was intended. It is imperative to have all the facts up front to avoid issues down the road.



Our title abstracts include all transactions and occurrences that could affect the land, with special attention to Georgia-specific practices and laws. This includes:

  • Property Tax Bill and Tax Assessment: showing the owner of record with the tax commissioner, tax payment history, assessed values and any tax exemptions currently being applied to the annual tax bill.

  • Vesting Deed: showing how ownership was conveyed to the most recent owner of the property.

  • Chain of Title: showing each succeeding deed, will or other document that conveys and transferred title to each previous owner.

  • Mortgages/Deeds of Trust/Security deeds: Indicating debts owed that are secured by the property.

  • Assignments: showing any transfer of interest in a mortgage, deed of trust, or security deed secured by the property.

  • Modifications: showing any changes made to the terms of an existing mortgage, trust or security deed that is secured by the property.

  • Liens & Judgments: including judgment liens, mechanics liens, tax liens, and notices of pending litigation that could affect the property.

  • Easements: often vital in rural and agricultural parts of Georgia, showing grants, reservations, or agreements to others to make use of the property.

  • Plat Maps: showing the location and boundaries of the property.

  • Restrictive or Protective Covenants: Indicating how the land can or cannot be used, crucial in Georgia's varied counties.

  • OFAC / Patriot Search: showing any names flagged or sanctioned by the US Treasury Department.

  • Public announcements: showing any announcements made locally regarding foreclosure of the property, public sales, tax sales, etc.

In addition, it may be necessary to examine probate, civil, divorce, and bankruptcy records to determine the current ownership status of the property. These items are available as needed upon request.


Our experienced examiners will conduct a meticulous title exam by scrutinizing land and public records to uncover any red flags. We provide you with accurate, timely, and thorough results on every order. We report our findings clearly in a detailed abstract write-up along with a compilation of all recorded documents obtained during our exam.

At Innovative Title Solutions, we're more than a service provider; we're your partner in navigating Georgia's real estate title landscape. Contact us today to learn how our local expertise and commitment to excellence can serve your title abstracting needs across Georgia.

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