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Settlement Support

We offer a wide variety of innovative paralegal service solutions on a contract basis to assist you in obtaining the services you need without the extensive costs in payroll associated with full time employment.

settlement support services
What are settlement support services?

Settlement support services are services offered on demand to ensure efficiency by providing clerical services and other supportive aid to real estate attorneys. These services may include gathering information, coordinating closings, processing title information, collaborating closing with the lender, recording documents and much more.

Why do you need settlement services?

There are multiple reasons to enlist the services of settlement support services. Your business may be increasing, or you may need to lighten your current staff’s workload. You may need additional support or coverage during vacations, sick days, medical leaves and more. Settlement support services are a efficient and simple way to manage the administrative needs of your practice without having to deal with hiring, training, payroll and human resources.

What settlement services can you outsource?

The simple answer is just about anything. Our office offers a combination of any of the following services:

  • Intake

  • Request Title Abstract (ITS offers abstracting service for an additional fee)

  • Preliminary review of title and submission to the attorney for review

  • Title Commitment preparation

  • File Check Down

  • Title Curative Assistance

  • Order all title clearance documents (HOA Letters, Water, Payoffs, Etc.)

  • Closing collaboration with the lender

  • Preparation of closing package, attorney documents, title policy and disbursement ledger

  • Facilitation of closing and funding approval

  • Distribution of the Final executed ALTA statement to all parties

  • Receipt and scan of closing documents

  • Organization and scanning of all documents into the closing system.

  • Shipment of lender closing package.

  • Disbursement of all checks from closing

  • Submission of all documents for e-recording.

  • Download and disbursement of all recorded documents.

  • Disbursement of all title policies not provided at closing.


What services CAN’T you outsource?

Innovative Title Solutions does not currently offer the following:

  • Legal review of documents

  • Providing or confirming wirings instructions

  • Escrow – issuing checks or wires.

  • Post-Closing issues not related to services rendered.


Why use Innovative Title Solutions for your settlement support needs?

At ITS we will adapt with you to make sure we are meeting your specific needs for your specific business. We offer a wide range of scalable plans and services as well as multiple billing options. We will vet, background check and train our paralegals so you don’t have to, and all paralegals sign a Non-Disclosure agreement as well as a Confidentiality agreement, we want to ensure that your information remains YOUR information.  and handle your administrative needs giving you the time to focus on the big picture.

We have a solid focus on customer service and our goal is to not only keep but increase your client retention rates.

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