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Our Closing Service Package is designed to bring you peace of mind during the critical final stages of a transaction. We handle everything from final audits, settlement statements, lender coordination, to the preparation of closing documents, ensuring a smooth and successful closing.

  • Work up and distribute preliminary settlement statement for seller and listing agent 3-5 days prior to closing.

  • Send preliminary CD to lender 3-5 days prior to closing and request closing instructions.

  • Collaborate with lender to obtain final numbers for the settlement statement.

  • Distribute Settlement Statement for closing to buyers, sellers, agents prior to closing for review.

  • Obtain lender closing documents, wire breakdowns and funding lists for closing.

  • Balance wire amounts with lender for closing

  • Obtain Homeowner’s Insurance Statement and all Invoices to be paid by borrower at closing.

  • Prepare attorney closing documents.

  • Prepare shipping labels for closing packages, notes, invoices, etc.

  • Prepare closing package including Settlement Statements, CDs, Lender Documents, Attorney Documents – separate funding docu- ments and note closing contact for lender.

  • Track and post incoming funds for closing.

  • Coordinate with closing attorney and lender for funding approval.

  • Send final executed Settlement Statements to all parties following closing.


We can customize your service package to fit your needs. Reach out today and let us know how we can help!

Thank you for reaching out, we will be with you shortly!

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