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settlement support

Service Packages

Pre-Closing Service Package

Order Intake

  • Receive and confirm new contracts and title orders.

  • Open order in processing software. Include all contact information available for buyer, seller, lender, agents, etc.

  • Send introductory emails to all parties.

  • Provide buyer and seller information sheets to parties.

  • Provide buyer and seller authorization forms to parties.

  • Order Title Exam

Initial File Review

  • Request additional contact information (as needed)

  • Request F511 forms (as needed)

  • Provide earnest money instructions (as needed)

  • Review contract for typos, errors, missing exhibits, and signatures, binding information – request corrections (as needed)

  • Request lender title order (as needed)

  • Confirm closing date and add file to attorney closing calendar.

  • Confirm contingency deadlines and add to attorney closing calendar.

  • Note any items needed at contract review: Commission Agreement, Home Warranty, Termite Letter, Etc. and send initial request for missing items.


  • Obtain F511 from agents as needed.

  • Obtain attorney signature and provide signed F511 to agents (as needed)

  • Track and confirm receipt of earnest money (as needed)

  • Obtain proof of earnest money (as needed)

  • Track and obtain buyer and seller information sheets.

  • Track and obtain buyer and seller authorization forms.

  • Schedule and coordinate closings.

  • Coordinate Mail Away Signings and POAs

  • Obtain Buyer and Seller photo ID.

  • Complete file audit and note missing items 7-10 days prior to closing.

Document Collection

Request and obtain documents needed from parties for closing including:

  • Commission Agreement:

  • Home Warranty

  • Termite Letter

  • Septic Letter

  • Seller Signing Authority (LLC, Trust, Etc.)

  • Trust Documents, Operating Agreements, Divorce Documents, Marriage certificates.

Order and obtain title documents needed for closing including:


  • HOA Letters

  • Water Balances

  • Loan Payoffs

  • Lien Payoffs

Closing Service Package

Complete file audit – review contract, amendments, exhibits, title, pre-closing items and notify pre-closer / coordinator of any items needed.

Work up and distribute preliminary settlement statement for seller and listing agent 3-5 days prior to closing.

Send preliminary CD to lender 3-5 days prior to closing and request closing instructions.

Collaborate with lender to obtain final numbers for the settlement statement.

Distribute Settlement Statement for closing to buyers, sellers, agents prior to closing for review.

Obtain lender closing documents, wire breakdowns and funding lists for closing.

Balance wire amounts with lender for closing

Obtain Homeowner’s Insurance Statement and all Invoices to be paid by borrower at closing.

Prepare attorney closing documents.

Prepare shipping labels for closing packages, notes, invoices, etc.

Prepare closing package including Settlement Statements, CDs, Lender Documents, Attorney Documents – separate funding documents and note closing contact for lender.

Track and post incoming funds for closing.

Coordinate with closing attorney and lender for funding approval.

Send final executed Settlement Statements to all parties following closing.


Post-Closing Service Package

  • Upload or email any final signed packages as required by the lender.

  • Submit all necessary documents for e-recording.

  • Receive scanned copy of closing documents and save to correct locations as needed.

  • Download, save, and disburse all recorded documents to appropriate parties.

Additional Services


Title Commitments


Title Policies


Title Curative Assistance

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