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ITS vs Payroll

payroll comparison

ITS vs Payroll

Although our paralegal services have a higher hourly rate than the employee’s standard rate, looks can be deceiving.

  • Did you know that the cost of health insurance for small businesses right now is between $1,200 and $2,000 per month?

  • Did you know we have the option available to use our own software on our full service plans saving you money long term of technology fees?

  • Did you know the current cost to hire and train a skilled worker is over $1,500 per employee?

ITS Advantages

We offer multiple real estate services on a contract basis to make sure your clients get the absolute best service possible without the extensive costs in payroll associated with full time employment.

  • Completely customizable and scalable plans that make is more cost effective than hiring full time.​

  • Streamlined processes using up to date technology.

  • Relief from payroll and staff management.

  • Relief from hiring and training expenses.

  • Accuracy and Speed.

  • Continuing Education for our staff to maintain compliance in the industry at all times.

  • Services can be scaled as you need them.

  • Save valuable time on recruiting, hiring, and training .

  • All of our paralegals, notaries and abstractors are pre-vetted, background screened, and trained in our office.

Accessible and Responsive

  • All emails and phone calls answered and returned.

  • Fast Response times.

  • Email Updates throughout the process.

  • Exceptional client-focused service.

  • Commitment to excellence in every real estate transaction.

Personalized Service

We understand that not one size fits all and provide various options that:

  • Cater to your needs.

  • Cater to your communications style.

  • We bill Annually, Hourly, Weekly, Per Item, Per Closing, or Per File.

Reliable / Consistent / Accurate

We will get you what you want when you need it consistently and accurately.

  • Attention to Detail.

  • Diligent and Resourceful.


We are constantly looking for new and better ways to improve the customer experience.

  • Efficient and Streamlined.

  • Innovative ways to finalize closings.

  • Smooth and proficient.

Ethical / Transparent / Professional

We understand that your clients and work practices are privacy sensitive. We vet all of our abstractors and paralegals before they begin work with you.

  • Background Checks.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements.

  • Secure Data Sharing.

The "Extras"

It's the little things that make something good even better. We are here to make your job easier and always looking for new ways to do just that.

Settlement Services:

  • Deadline Reminders.

  • Utility Reminders.

  • Email Updates.

Title Abstracting

  • Bankruptcy Searches.

  • Public Notice Searches.

  • Patriot Searches.

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